History of the College

Helencha, situated centrally in the Bagdah Block, 24 Parganas (North) is where the state Highway from Bongaon splits in two, moving towards Duttaphulia on the left, and Boyra straight ahead, about 15 km away. The inhabitants of the area are deprived in respect of facilities for higher education. Although a number of primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary schools where set up, but the economically and socially backward students from these remote areas had to face great difficulties to go to distant colleges like Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Bongaon, Srikrishna College, Bagula or Ranaghat College to get higher education. Hence the local people felt the necessity of establishing a degree college in the Helencha-Bagdah area.
This college is a dream come true for the people of Bagdah. Many people have put in great efforts over a very long period of time to transform this dream into reality. They tried their best, but their attempts were not fruitful. Later on, a meeting of the local educationist and general people was convened by Shri Nakul Chandra Hira, Headmaster, Helencha High School, in presence of Dr. Upendra Nath Biswas, the then CBI Joint Director, Government of India, as the Chief guest and Shri Sattendra Nath Biswas, Chief Security Officer, Indian Museum at Calcutta. The meeting resolved to establish a college in Helencha. Dr. U.N. Biswas assured the people of all sorts of help for the proposed college. He further told in his speech, "If you spend Rs. 10 for a good job, the wicked persons will spoil the job by spending Rs. 100, but you are not to be disappointed. On 21st April, 2000, Shri Nakul Chandra Hira, Headmaster, Helencha High School, Shri Badal Krishna Sarkar, Assistant teacher in English and Shri Ranjit Kumar Roy, Assistant Teacher in Physics, met Dr. Biswas at his residence at Salt lake and had a discussion about the proposed college. Lastly, he told them "If the local people fail to come forward, then I may take some initiative."
Helencha High School, in its M.C meeting No.-07 dated 18-04-2000, resolved to donate 1 (one) acre of its land to the college and allow 9 class rooms for use of the college until the college completes its own building and also offered temporary loan of Rs. 50,000/- for making up the fund. A college organizing committee was formed with Shri Kamalakshmi Biswas as the President, Shri Bimal Krishna Bagchi as the Vice President, Shri Santosh Kumar Biswas, as the Secretary and a number of people present as the members. The meeting strongly resolved to establish a Degree College at Helencha on a land to be donated by Helencha High School. When the issue of the proposed name of the College was being discussed Shri Nakul Chandra Hira proposed that the College be named after the great Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. He further elaborated that Babasaheb Ambedkar struggled through his life for the emancipation of the down trodden section of the people. He was also the chief maker of the Indian Constitution and he was awarded "Bharat Ratna" by the Government of India. In order to pay respect to him, it was proposed that the name of the College be "Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya".
Shri Manindra Bhusan Biswas, Ex-MLA, Bagdah, Professor in Sanskrit, Bongaon Dinabandhu College, an educationist and social worker, proposed that the name of the college be "Sri Sri Harichand Guruchand College," in order to support the wishes of the local "Matuas". As two names were proposed, a committee consisting of Shri Kamalakhsmi Biswas Shri Bimal Krishna Bagchi and Shri Santosh Kumar Biswas was formed in the meeting to select one name for the College. The committee in its subsequent meeting selected the name after the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar and reported it to the college organizing committee.
As per the advice of the education minister, Bagdah Block Pally Mangal Society was formed under West Bengal Societies Registration Act. 1961 to guide the formation of the college, on 24th May 2005 a MOU was signed between the college authority and the Helencha High School authority which offered to donate 1 (one) acre (3 bighas) of its land to the college in Khatian No. 343, J.L. No. 63, Mouza No. 79, on application, the Govt. of West Bengal, in its Order No. 1385 – FT/0/2E-53/2000 stamp, dated 08.07.2005, remitted all stamp duty and registration fees. The Land Deed was prepared on 14.07.2005 under No. 1–02321 between Shri Bimal Krishna Bagchi, Secretary of Helencha High School as the Donor and Shri Santosh Kumar Biswas, Secretary of the college, as the receiver, the value of the property was fixed at Rs. 15,00,000/-.
It was learnt in the beginning of 2005, that the State Govt. had decided to sanction 10 new Degree colleges in the State. Shri Kamalakhsmi Biswas, Bimal Krishna Bagchi, Santosh Kumar Biswas, Sanjay Dutta Chowdhury, Nakul Chandra Hira and others hurriedly got in touch with the Government authority. As a result, the college in the name, "Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya" was sanctioned and recognized by the Govt. of West Bengal under Memo No. 521-Edn (CS)/4C-5/2001 dated 1st August, 2005. The college had already started functioning in 9 class rooms of Helencha High School. The people burst into joy, their dream came true.
A Team of Experts headed by the Inspector of colleges, University of Calcutta came to inspect the college on 2nd August, 2005. The Inspector of colleges, in his Memo No. C/8594/299-Affl. Dated 10.08.2005, informed that the university has granted affiliation to the college in 6(six) subjects viz (1) Bengali (100), (2) English (50), (3) Pol. Science (100), (4) History (100), (5) Philosophy (100) and (6) Sanskrit (100) for 2005–06. Admission of students in 1st year B.A started on and from 11th August, 2005. Classes were inaugurated on 19.08.2005 by Dr. Jalad Baran Roy, Principal, Bongaon Mahavidyalaya with his colleges.
The college started in 9 (Nine) class rooms of Helencha High School. The foundation stone of the new college building was laid by Dr. Ashis Kumar Bandyopadhyaya, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, University of Calcutta on 27th August 2006 and he, in his valuable speech in a meeting arranged on the occasion, told that the college would grow into a renowned institution in near future.
The Govt. of West Bengal, in its Memo No. 750-Edn (C.S)/4C – 5/2001 dated 31.10.2005 sanctioned the following posts to the college :
i) Principal ................. 1
ii) Lecturers ................. 6
iii) Accountant ................. 1
iv) Clerk ................. 2
v) Peon ................. 2
vi) Guard / Darwan ....... 1
The govt. in a further Memo No. 826(CS)/10M-12/7 dated 22.12.2008, sanctioned the following five posts viz :
1) English ii) Political-Science iii) History iv) Philosophy and v) Sanskrit. No further nonteaching posts have been sanctioned.
Shri Nakul Chandra Hira, Retired Headmaster, Helencha High School, was engaged as the honorary officiating Principal and a number of qualified Assistant Teachers and Headmasters of the neighbouring schools voluntarily took classes without any remuneration until the regular teachers are appointed.
The local people donated money generously. Smt. Mrinalini Biswas, Ex-Headmistress, Helencha Girls' High School, donated one lakh rupees. Teachers of different schools donated generously for the College. Many grants received are stated below.

 BEUP grant from Kamalakshmi Biswas, MLA
  Development  12.50 Lacs.
 MPLADS from Shri Subrata Bose
  Development  10.00 Lacs.
 MPLADS from Shri Tapan Sen
10.2.2010 & 3.3.2015
  Development  28,31,250/-
 Govt. of West Bengal
  Library and Reading room  5 Lacs.
  Construction of college building  17.00 Lacs.
  Purchase of Books  60 Thousand
  Construction of 1st floor  24,25,000/-

The construction of the ground floor of the proposed storeyed college building was completed and it was inaugurated by Dr. Upendra Nath Biswas, MLA, Bagdah and Hon'ble Minister in charge, Backward Classes Welfare Dept., Govt. of West Bengal, on 26th January, 2013. The construction of the 1st floor of the college building is in progress and a decorated I-library has been installed with the financial assistance extended by the Hon'ble minister.
A regular College Governing Body, formed on 8.10.2013 is managing the college with the general secretary of the Students' Union as the students' representative. The college, in a magnificent building with Smt. Srijani Ray, Asst. Prof. in Philosophy as the Teacher-in-charge, Dr. Ata Mallick, Assistant Professor in History and Bursar along with other teaching and non-teaching staff, is going ahead for progress and prosperity.

Message from T.I.C.

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome everybody to the website of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalay, Helencha. Our sole aim for students of this college is to ensure holistic education which will enable our students not only to become good academicians but also excellent human beings. The lives of all the staff of this college is dedicated towards fostering an all-round development of students to enable them to achieve success in all their endeavours. We have an infrastructure which though is now in its infant stage, is designed to cater to all-round needs of the students and will help them grow along with this institution. I wish all of the students all the best in life and welcome everyone to this institute which believes in the motto, "Ever upwards, ever onwards".