Students Facilities

Remedial Classes

All the Departments of the college provide Remedial classes to the SC.S.T. OBC and economically backward general students as per the U.G.C. plan.

Tutorial Classes

All the Departments of the College provide Tutorial classes to the general and Honours students as per the U.G.C. Plan.

Personality Development Classes

All the Departments of the college provide personality development classes to the backward students as per the U.G.C Plan.


With the financial assitance extended by the Hon'ble minister Shri Updendra Nath Biswas a well decorated i-library has been installed very soon.

Ladies common room

As the construction of the 1st floor of the college building is in progress, the construction of the ladies common room is also in progress.


Dr B.R. Ambedkar Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya Library was begun from 2005, when the college was set up. The library started catering to the needs of the students, faculty and non-teaching staff with the commitment to provide information leading towards excellence in humanities and the social sciences. So the basic function is to assist the college to carry out its mission of self development of personality through education. Now the library is located in the ground floor of the college building besides the T.I.C room. According to the plan the library will be shifted on the first floor of the college building which is in progress now.


The following stipends are provided to eligible students : SC / ST / OBC / MINORITY / JINDAL / CHIEF MINISTER FUND / BIDI - SHRAMIK STIPEND

Free studentship

Meritorious and economically poor students are financially supported by the college with a limited number of Half and full free studentships. The students from SC and ST communities and those availing financial assitance (in the form of scholarship or stipends) from other sources, can not get such free studentships.


Internal Examination are held on a regular basis to gauge the performance of students throughout the year and special attention is paid to those students that are weaker for any reason, be it poor attendance or inadequate attention span.

Identity Card

Each student will be issued an identity card personalized with his or her photograph. This card will be required to avail all facilities within the college beginning with gaining entry inside the premises to borrowing books from the library, studying in the Reading Room, Sitting for Examination, attending social functions, or any such activity or opportunity sanctioned by the college that a student may either be directed to or be interested in attending or availing.

Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall is under construction.