Rules and Regulations

In accordance with the guidelines of the West Bengal State University, to which this college is affiliated, a class attendance of minimum of 75% is compulsory for any student to appear for the B.A Final exams conducted by the University. The students have to be present in the College on a regular basis and attend classes. If for any reason the guardian of any student is summoned to the college, the person who has signed the admission form of the student as the 'guardian' has to be present. No other person claiming to be the guardian of the student will be entertained. If any student is not present in the College for a period of 15 days or more at a stretch due to any medical grounds, he/she has to produce a medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner and submit it to the TIC. If any student does not abide by these rules and regulations, the College can take any disciplinary action against the concerned student.